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  • A Guide to Branding for New Small Business Owners

    If you’re starting your own small business, branding will be one of the first things you consider. Your brand, or your company’s identity, distinguishes you from your competitors and how potential customers perceive your business based on its appearance and reputation. If you want to grow your business and cultivate customer loyalty, below is a guide to creating an effective brand strategy.

    What Is Branding?

    Your brand is an idea that exists in your customer's minds and gets shaped by every experience they have with your product, service, and team. A strong brand helps customers understand why they should buy from you over your competition.

    How Does Branding Affect Consumer Experience?

    Branding affects your consumer experience, tells a story customers can connect with, and encourages brand loyalty. If your brand looks unprofessional, consumers may not trust what you’re selling.

    The Importance Of Personalization

    More and more, consumers have come to expect a personal touch when making a purchase. This trend has led brands big and small to re-evaluate customer service offerings, from automated customer support channels such as Zendesk or through social media such as Twitter. Personalization has also influenced how businesses market online — and even how brands create packaging.

    How to Reach Your Target Market

    First, make a list of all your target markets. Your target market is who you're speaking directly to with your product or service. Then, decide what marketing channel is best. Social media marketing has become increasingly popular. Social media marketing lets businesses connect with customers through one-to-one interaction at any time of day, making it a powerful tool for building relationships and promoting brand awareness.

    What Are The Different Types of Branding Projects?

    Building a business involves several types of branding projects. While there are many kinds of branding, a few common ones are logo design, business cards, websites, social media content, and print collateral design (including brochures and posters).

    DIY and Hiring Professional Help for Your Project

    Sometimes, running a business means having to do everything yourself. As a result, DIY (do-it-yourself) projects are tempting and affordable. But depending on your budget and time constraints, hiring professionals could be a better option. Before deciding which option is best for you, consider these questions. Is it hard to get away from work? If so, then hiring professional help might be a good idea because it will free up your time so you can focus on other aspects of running your business.

    When talking to a graphic designer or web designer about design ideas, you may need to send many JPG files in emails. But sending JPG files reduces quality. Be sure to convert JPG to PDF online to turn JPGs into PDFs, preserving the original image quality. Plus, the tool lets you combine multiple JPGs into one PDF to save emailing multiple files.

    Brand Identity

    Branding is about capturing your potential customer's attention, getting them interested in your product or service, and sealing that deal. It has two main parts — brand identity and how you represent that identity through your marketing materials and customer service.

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