• Operations Manager

  • Friends of Fred Smith
    Job Description
    OVERVIEW: This position reports to the Friends of Fred Smith Board of Directors for the purpose of
    fulfilling the mission and goals for the Wisconsin Concrete Park and the Rock Garden Tavern with
    rental apartment. The primary focus is to preserve and promote the historic folk-art site while
    maintaining 501(c)(3) status as nonprofit organization.
    The Park Manager is responsible for overseeing the operation of the park and facilities, including
    supervising restoration activities, sculpture inspection and increasing revenue channels to complete
    restoration goals.

    Park Maintenance & Management
    Supervises, maintains, and develops the art environment park; oversees the work of contractors,
    concessionaires, and vendors; represents the park both on-site and off-site; supervises park facility
    contracts and leases; submits reports to Friends of Fred Smith Board of Directors to inform about the
    status of project(s) and to make sure that the natural, cultural, and historical resources are well
    Provides management direction and oversight for the preservation of cultural and natural resources.
    Coordinates a minimum of one annual restoration activity for the preservation of the statues.
    Develop, maintain, and update marketing information on website, social media sites, and other
    advertising media. Work closely with local chambers of commerce and collaborates with service
    organizations to capitalize on events and activities to share resources and promote the Park.
    Coordinate and manage membership activities to include annual membership drive and ongoing
    membership enrollment. Develop and maintain comprehensive membership roster/database to be
    used for mailings, emails, etc. Coordinate and distribute an annual newsletter.
    Workshop Development and Coordination
    Develop and coordinate educational programming, including workshops and events to promote the
    Park. Develop and coordinate activities with area schools and service organizations to promote events
    of a general artistic, historic or cultural nature.
    Grant Applications, Fund Raising & Budgetary Expenses
    Researches and applies for appropriate and applicable grants for the park. Recommend, develop and
    execute fund-raising strategies and events. Manages budgetary expenses and gives instructions on
    the procurement of equipment and materials. Oversees operations that produce revenues to ensure
    proper and exact accounting of receipts and expenses. Work with Finance Committee to develop
    annual budget.
    General Administration
    Basic office responsibilities, including answering phone calls and voicemail, picking up & processing
    the mail, checking the guest registry boxes, coordinating rent and lease arrangements for the Studio,
    Rock Garden Tavern and the rental apartment located above the tavern.
    Administer accounts payable and receivable, coordinating and communicating with accountant to
    ensure accurate Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reporting. Compile required reports for the Friends
    of Fred Smith Board of Directors to ensure ongoing 501(c)(3) non-profit organization status.

    At the discretion of the Board, other duties may be required for the fulfillment of the mission and
    goals for the park and its facilities.
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