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  • News Release on ATV/UTV Trails 

  • Received 5/3/19 from Four Wheelin Warriors Club:
    "County forest ATV/UTV trails open typically May 15th. If the conditions are dry and ready they will open earlier, so far it’s been quite wet but the 15th is still the target date. If this changes to opening earlier or later we will update. 
         Chequamegon National Forest typically opens May 1st, however because of the wet conditions that opening is delayed and those trails are currently closed. The forestry will reassess the trails soon and hope to have an opening date. We will also update as soon as any decisions have been made by all forestry, if no update is posted there has been no new information. 
         The Tuscobia is open, however stay on that trail and do not go on any side trails as they are still closed. Roads and routes are also open just make sure you map out your ride prior to ensure you will stay on those legal routes. 
         We will update any trail work or maintenance such as brushing, etc as well as it is reported. Thanks for the patience. The season is close!"
    Also received 5/3/19 from the Forest Service:
    We are having a delayed opening on the Flambeau Trail at the moment.  I still haven’t been able to get out and assess all of the trail for spring opening.  From what I have been on I have a few washouts, nothing too big, and sporadic trees down.  It’s been pretty wet though and some spots still have snow/frost.  I’m hoping to get back out next week early in the week and go from there.  Hopefully road bans lift soon too so our heavy equipment guys can get out and fix what they can.