• Price County Trail Reports

  • Price County Snowmobile Trails
    1/26/23: Mother Nature continues to deliver! We received an additional 2" of snow so far this week, and expect another 2" tonight, adding to the already excellent base to make EXCELLENT riding conditions this weekend. Price County is the place to ride! - Woody
    Overall Trail Condition
    1/25/23 Eisenstein BUSHWHACKERS - Trails: 80, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 110, & 111 continue to be groomed on a regular schedule. Continued snow on top of the previous base was very welcomed. Trails are in EXCELLENT shape, and trail 103 is now fully groomed due to a previous bridge closure a mile down. The trails are beautiful for the weekend ride - Thank You from the Bushwhackers.
    1/25/23 Fifield SNO DROVERS - Trails: 111/19N, 101/10W, 120/19S, 121, 101/10E, 102 between 121 & 103, 107, 108: All trails are open and in EXCELLENT condition, have been recently groomed and most have a solid 5–6" base. Trail 106/Corridor 19 N remains closed due to hazardous conditions in Iron County. Trail 101 just west of Musky Jacks goes through a swamp that presently is not groomed until it will support the weight of our tractor and drag. This area remains rough - use caution. Trail 102 between 121 and 103 is not groomed because weight restrictions on the bridge will not allow us to cross with the tractor. Ice on Round lake near the boat landing was also compromised after a vehicle went through last week - pay attention to caution tape and orange barrels. As always, be mindful that our volunteer groomers are on the trail every day of the week. They may be traveling in the same direction you are, or they may be coming toward you. Keep this in mind, especially around sharp curves. Use your head and ride safe.
    1/25/23 Lugerville CHASERS - Trails are all open, groomed, in EXCELLENT condition, and ready to ride!
    1/25/23 Kennan/Catawba DRIFTSPLITTERS - This winter has been a challenge to keep trails safe and in good shape. We have been able to re-open trail 94 but use caution as the swamps and creek crossings have been opening up. All trails are being groomed on a regular schedule - follow us on the GTS Trail app. Trail 80 south of intersection 100 to Taylor County has in logging in progress - please use caution when riding near logging equipment.
    1/25/23 Elk River PIONEERS - All trails are in EXCELLENT condition, groomed west of Phillips toward Soo Lake. Watch for the groomer and stay on marked trails.
    1/25/23 Northwoods HI-RIDERS - Trails in the Solberg Lake area continue to be in VERY GOOD to EXCELLENT condition and are being groomed on a regular schedule. Lakes have rough areas of frozen slush, so slow down and use caution. Stay along barrels marking the trail.
    1/18/23 Prentice BUSHBENDERS - Our groomer has not been out since Sunday because of the warm temps and rain we received the past 2 days. Trails are icy and rough, but we hope to have them groomed by the weekend and should be in EXCELLENT condition in most places. There may be some overflow and open water in wet areas so please ride with caution until things freeze back up. As always, be safe and have fun.