• Phillips Hometown Heroes

  • James Janak

    US Army


    James Anthony Janak was born on December 13, 1946 in Phillips, WI, the son of Anton and Lillian June (Mayer) Janak. He was a 1965 graduate of Phillips High School. Following high school he attended Northcentral Technical Institute in Wausau where he earned a degree in machine shop technology. On March 23, 1971 he was inducted, to serve his country, in the U.S. Army. He completed his basic training at St. Louis, Missouri. He also completed 8 weeks of Military Police training and was then transferred to Vietnam. He was discharged from the Army on April 9, 1972 with the rank of SP4. He was married to Toni Petri in 1979. They had two children Brady and Karen. They later divorced. He was a 41 year employee of Prentice Hydralics- Omark Industries- Blount- Caterpillar Forest Products Inc. of Prentice, where he worked until his passing on December 22, 2008.

    Jerry Schmeiser

    Jon Brumet



    Karl T.A. Moravek



    Kurth Prochnow

    Navy / Army National Gaurd

    SFC / E-7

    Kurth left school and enlisted in the United States Navy on May 30, 1944 at the age of 17. Kurth served on the following Vessels and Stations during his 2 years and 21 day enlistment.

    USNTC Great Lake, Ill

    NTSCH Navy Pier, Chicago, Ill

    Cub 16

    USNABPD San Bruno, CA

    COM PHIB SEA FRON RS Navy 3149


    USS YMS 101

    Kurth was awarded the 

    American Area Ribbon

    World War II Victory Ribbon

    Philippine Liberation Ribbon

    Asiatic Pacific Area Ribbon

    Kurth was honorably discharged from the Navy with the rank of Ship’s Cook Third Class USNR. Upon returning from WWII, Kurth returned to Phillips High School to complete his education and earn his high school diploma. Kurth later joined the Army National Guard and served as Master Sergeant until September, 1961. Kurth currently resides in Phillips, Wisconsin.

    Laddie W. Holoubek



    Laddie joined the Army at the age of 17, but only after Mom signed for him, against his Dad’s wishes. He was assigned an artillery gunner in Patton’s Third Army. He later was promoted to Sergeant and participated in the Battle of the Bulge. He returned home at the age of 19. He said when he talks about war, he leaves a lot out, but it’s important for people to remember.


  • Lorry J. Hanish



    Merton E Gronlund


    Technician 5th Grade

    Communications Clerk 524

    Owen Hainy

    Army Air Corp

    Staff Sergeant

    Owen was drafted into the army in 1942. On February 4, 1942 he left with five other men from the Emery area. He was in the Transportation Unit at the Drew Field Air Force Base and labeled a mechanic. Owen worked at Tampa, Florida for over a year. Then, in mid-October, he traveled up to a base in New York (Fort Kilmer). On October 26, 1943 Owen left New York for England on the Queen Mary. Owen was stationed at the 802 Air Base with the 9th Air Force, where they were building a new air base at Dynton Railroad Station. Owen became Staff Sergeant in the fall of 1944. He met General Eisenhower approximately six times during his time at Southampton, England. He said that General Eisenhower acted just like any other officer, not like he was more important than someone else. Owen came back to the United States in December 1945 on the Queen Mary. The first thing he did was order his favorite beer and couldn’t believe how bad it tasted after being used to the drinks in England. He traveled to Chicago and was officially discharged on December 23, 1945.

    Raymond W. Bolton


    Sergeant 1st Class

    Robert J. Foster


    SP5 Medic

    Roger Meier


  • Allen Brazelton



    Charles Golden 

    US Army

    First Sergeant E-8

    Chuck joined the Army in 1988 after he graduated from Phillips High School. He served 23 years and retired as a First Sergeant (E-8) Chuck completed his basic training in Fort Benning, Georgia. After basic training he was stationed in Germany from 1988-1990, Fort Benning, Georgia 1990-1992. From 1993-1996 Chuck was stationed in Italy. During his time in Italy he was deployed to Bosnia (former Yugoslavia) and Rwanda, Africa. He returned back to the United States and was stationed in Fort Bragg, North Carolina from 1996-2001. In 1997 he was deployed to Haiti and for 7 months from 1999-2000 went to Kosovo (former Yugoslavia). Chuck was again stationed in Fort Benning from 2001-2004. In 2004 to his retirement in 2011 Chuck was stationed in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. In 2005 he was deployed to Iraq in the city of Kirkuk for 12 months and returned to Iraq again in 2007 for a 15 month deployment to the city of Tikrit.

    During Chuck’s enlistment he served in;

    Airborne units- 1993-1996 Italy      1996-2001 Fort Bragg (107 Airborne Jumps)

    Jump Master (Master Parachutist) 1998-2001 with the 82nd Airborne Division

    Drill Sergeant 2001-2004 in Fort Benning, GA.

    Awards received:

    2- Bronze Stars for service in Iraq

    2- Meritorious Service Medals

    6- Army Commendation Medals

    4- Army Achievement Medals

    Combat Infantryman Badge

    Expert Parachutist Badge

    Air Assault Badge

    Expert Marksmanship Badge

    While deployed to Kosovo, he secured President Clinton’s Secret Service Detachment when he visited Kosovo in November 1999. His most favorite memory also happened during his Kosovo deployment when Salema Hayek visited as part of a USO tour and he was able to pick up her up from the Airfield and escort her during the visit. Chuck currently resides in Clarksville, Tennessee.

    Collin Precour


    Engineman 2nd Class 

    Petty Officer E-5

    Craig A. Moore

    US Army


    Craig A Moore joined the US Army Infantry June 11, 1968. At that time, he was deployed to Vietnam. While in Vietnam, he was injured and honorable discharged on January 11, 1070. While in Vietnam, his rank was SP4. He received The National Defense Service Medal; the Army Commendation Medal with OLC (Oak Leaf Cluster); The Bronze Star; Vietnam Service Medal; Combat Infantryman Badge; Vietnam Campaign Metal Marksman (M-16 & M-60) and Expert (M-14).

    Edwin N. Trzecinski 


    Frank Zydzik Jr. 



    Frank Zydzik Jr. was born in Phillips, Wisconsin on May 31, 1948to Frank and Marilyn Zydzik. He graduated from Phillips High School in 1966 and moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he worked for Ladish Drop Forge. He was drafted into the U.S. Army on June 10, 1968. He did Basic Combat Training at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. In October of 1968 he completed eight weeks of advanced infantry training at Fort Lewis, Washington. From there he received special counter guerilla training and combat training in Okinawa and was sent to Vietnam in April 1969. He returned to Phillips in November 1969 on emergency leave for the death of his father. He returned to Vietnam in December 1969. Specialist 4 Frank Zydzik Jr. was killed in action in Vietnam on January 7, 1970.